Odoo12 installation in Ubuntu 18.04 and accessing by domain name

Login as root user and update the system to the latest packages # apt update && sudo apt upgrade Install Git, Pip, Node.js and the packages required for odoo # apt install git python3-pip build-essential wget python3-dev python3-venv python3-wheel libxslt-dev libzip-dev libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev python3-setuptools node-less Create a new user for odoo12, name it odoo12 with […]

Configuring automated ec2 -volume’s snapshots !

Taking automatic snapshots of ec2 volumes is currently not as ‘automatic’ as the case with an RDS instance in which we can fully automate it. However with AWS Ops Automator and CloudFormation, we can come up with a solution to automate the creation / deletion of snapshots. 1.1) First, launch CloudFormation and create a new […]

Error when starting php-fpm on a virtualmin centos

Last day ran into an issue in which the php-fpm service was facing an issue and httpd service was failing to start. On checking the logs, could see this : Date [proxy:error] [pid] 111  connection refused:FCGI:attempt to connect to (*) failed Date [proxy_fcgi:error][pid] client ip : failed to make connection to backend: Could see […]

Connecting to Mariadb/MySQL RDS from phpMyAdmin

The Amazon RDS ( AWS RDS ) – Managed relational database service from aws is a real blessing these days. Since its managed by aws, you don’t have to worry about the patching / administration / backups / restore aspects of it. All you need to do is upload the codes into it and make sure […]

Error when updating email address of DNS zone – cPanel / WHM

When trying to update the email address in DNS zone of a domain from cPanel / WHM, do you get an error like this : “Unable to parse zone: There was an error while loading the zone for Please correct any errors in this zone manually and try again. The exact error from the […]

locale error in CentOS 6 !

Recently saw the issue in newly build CentOS6 VMs ( For me it was Virtuozzo based VMs ) : -bash: warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (UTF-8) Saw this error even after installing cPanel in the VPS. This warning popped up every time you ran a command in shell, though it did not cause any issues […]

Convert mp4 videos to mpg format !

At times, you will want to convert the mp4 videos to mpg format, which the common DVD players and the older TV’s support directly. To do this, you can use the FFmpeg for Windows. Download the program from : Extract the zip file and copy the bin folder in the zip folder to your preferred […]

Issue with CurlSSL on CentOS 4 ! ( Ye, too old :P )

We are talking about CentOS 4 and CurLSSL here. We may have some legacy users facing this issue in enabling CurLSSL. This was the error encountered : ======= vtls/openssl.c: In function `Curl_ossl_init’: make[2]: *** [vtls/libcurl_la-openssl.lo] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/cpeasyapache/src/curl-7/lib’ make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/cpeasyapache/src/curl-7/lib’ dryrun test ‘Find Curl SSL path for PHP 5’ did not […]

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